Top 5 Tips of Tandem Skydiving in Australia

Published: 18th October 2011
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Those who are scared of taking their first jump alone can choose tandem skydive Australia. Read on to know more about the tandem skydiving tips which will make your tandem sky-diving Australia experience much more exciting and thrilling

Australia is one of those few countries which offers various adventures sports. Skydiving being one of the most popular adventure sports in Australia, many people go in for tandem skydiving Australia. One of the important reasons behind this upsurge is that Australia is blessed with beautiful beaches and spectacular coastlines and there are numerous skydiving clubs in Australia which offer this thrilling experience in various skydiving drop zone. Tandem skydiving Australia has gained popularity among the tourists who are more adventurous and wish to encounter the challenging experience and the thrill that this sport involves.

Tandem Skydiving Australia

This is one of the types of skydiving in Australia where a skydiver student is connected to a tandem instructor by a harness. Given below are some of the useful tips that will make your tandem skydiving Australia an experience that you will cherish lifelong.

1.Pay attention to the Instructions
The entire procedure of tandem sky dive Australia is monitored and guided by the tandem instructor. The entire jump from exit through free-fall, piloting the canopy and the landing is taken care of by the tandem instructor. However students only need minimal instructions before making a tandem skydive in Australia. But what is important for them is they should seriously pay attention to the instructions and must follow them.

2.Get the videos and the screen shot of your jump.
Capture and record one of your most memorable moments on Tape. Before going in for tandem skydive Australia, make sure that you capture the moment so that you can share the experience with your friends and family later on. Many skydiving clubs in Australia equip another skydiver with a video camera who will jump laterally with you in order to capture and make video of your skydiving and give you screen shots of your jump.

3.Enjoy the sight with open eyes.
When you tandem skydive in Australia, keep your eyes open to enjoy the view and make the most of it. Once the parachute has been deployed by the tandem instructor, you will have the 360 degree view of the captivating beauty of the earth from about 5,000 feet.

4.Land Safely
How you land again depends on how attentively have you been listening and following the instructions of your tandem instructor. Many a times you will softly slide in for landing. Other times you will need to stand up straight for landing. It all depends on the variety of factors.

5.Don't be scared of the risk
There is a risk in each and every aspect of human life from driving a car to walking on the street. If you are scared of taking the risk of tandem skydive in Australia. Think again. Because statistics reveal that the risk involved in tandem skydive is almost negligible as 1/ 1, 00,000 skydiving jumps results in deaths. So, if you have some restrictions on Tandem skydiving in Australia, follow your heart. But before making any decision, do think about the life time thrilling experience that you will miss out on.
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